If you’ve been in an accident that resulted in the frame of your vehicle being bent or otherwise damaged, you might be wondering whether or not that’s an issue that can even be fixed. Fortunately, the answer is yes—trained technicians at an auto body shop in Peoria, AZ are capable of repairing damage to a vehicle frame using hydraulic machines and other precise tools that push the frame back into its intended shape. In many cases, though, the damage will be so severe that there is no choice other than to total the vehicle.

It’s not always easy to tell after an accident if you’re dealing with a bent frame, though. Sure, there are situations in which the frame will be visibly bent or damaged, but in other cases you’ll have to pinpoint other symptoms that could indicate you’re dealing with a bent frame. Here are just a few examples of some of those symptoms that could indicate you need to head into your local auto body shop to get your vehicle’s frame checked out and fixed:

You’re having issues with your vehicle’s alignment: Have you noticed your vehicle starting to pull more toward one direction after your collision? If so, this is a sign that your frame could very well be bent and that it’s put your vehicle out of its proper alignment. It shouldn’t be difficult to keep your vehicle driving in a straight line.

Strange noises: Bent car frames can create some unusual noises while you’re driving the vehicle, including squeaks, creaks and other odd sounds. Those sounds can come from just about any part of your vehicle. The sudden appearance of strange sounds should always be an impetus for you to take your vehicle into the shop to get checked out by a pro, but especially if you’ve recently been involved in a collision.

Uneven tire wear: Uneven tire wear is another symptom associated with alignment issues or suspension problems, both of which can be caused by a bent frame after a collision. If you’re regularly rotating your tires and still dealing with uneven tire wear, this is a sign that some further repairs are going to be needed for your vehicle.

Some parts aren’t fitting right: If you’re having issues with your doors or windows not “fitting” properly, or other parts just not seeming to go into their proper places, this is probably a sign that the vehicle’s frame has been bent.

Shock and suspension issues: If you’ve noticed uneven wear to the shocks or suspension, this is a result of there being additional weight and pressure put on areas where the frame has been bent. If you notice these signs, head to your auto body shop to get your frame checked out.

For more information about what you should do if you believe your vehicle’s frame has been bent, contact Ultimate Collision & RV or visit our body shop in Peoria, AZ with your questions. We look forward to helping you get your vehicle back in shape!

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