Ultimate Collision and RV is excited to announce our partnership with Liquid Spring. Liquid Spring is a revolutionary suspension product currently being offered for Class A gas, and Class C motorhomes that makes driving a motorhome feel more like driving an SUV or truck than a house on wheels. The technology behind Liquid Spring is called CLASS, which stands for Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System. This is a smart suspension system that has liquid-based struts and an onboard processor that continually adjusts the stiffness of the suspension to provide tighter steering when cornering, or doing evasive maneuvering, and allows for a softer ride when driving on the open road.

The advantages of an adaptive suspension system are comfort and safety. The Liquid Spring system fights wind sway, reduces road shock and can even help reduce vibration induced maintenance. The adaptive suspension absorbs the negative forces encountered by your coach so there is no longer a need to fight the road while on your journey. White knuckle driving will be an experience of the past. Driving a motorhome equipped with the Liquid Spring system will give the driver confidence when performing evasive maneuvers and making tight turns.

Interested in the Liquid Spring product? Check out our short informational video below: