It’s a new year, so why not take some steps to bring some “newness” into various areas of your life? If you’re an RV owner, you might consider making some RV modifications this year.
If you’re unsure what types of modifications would provide the greatest benefit to your RV, here are some ideas from our auto body shop that we frequently see made to some of the RVs we work on. The possibilities go way beyond new RV paint in Peoria, AZ!

If your RV spends most of its time in Arizona, then why not add some solar equipment? You can get a package that includes solar panels, an inverter, a transfer switch, a converter/charger and additional batteries and install it to the roof of your RV. Considering how much sun Arizona gets, it only makes sense to install this equipment on your RV to make the vehicle more self-sufficient.

This is especially beneficial for camp areas in which there are restrictions on generator use, or where it’s common courtesy to not run one and cut down on the amount of noise pollution you’re creating. Solar power systems provide clean, reliable energy and run much quieter than gas-powered generators. While it does require an initial investment to purchase all the equipment, that investment eventually pays for itself, assuming you use the RV regularly. You can assume you’ll break even after 90 to 100 nights of camping.

Tankless water heaters come in pretty compact sizes and allow you to get warm water, not just when you’re hooked up to water and sewer lines for longer showers, but also for situations in which you’re not connected to water lines and want to get a little hot water without having to use propane. If you don’t have a tankless water heater, it can take a long time to heat up multiple gallons of water to be able to shower or do dishes. This is an upgrade that will provide you with a whole lot of comfort and convenience.

If you like to take your RV to national parks or to other areas where there isn’t a whole lot of cell service (which is especially common here in the Southwest), a cell signal booster can be a very convenient and handy item to have around. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a booster can make when you’re only dealing with one bar of service without it. It also helps improve download speeds for mobile data.

Many standard passenger cars today come with tire pressure monitoring systems, but most RVs still do not. These pressure monitors measure the pressure and temperature of each tire, and can be very helpful in letting you know when you need to fill them up with more air. It prevents you from having to frequently check the pressure manually with gauges while you’re out and about.

For more information about RV modifications, including new RV paint in Peoria, AZ, contact Ultimate Collision & RV or visit us today!

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