Do you own an RV, trailer, camper or fifth wheel? The summer heat can be harsh on these vehicles. It’s important to take a few crucial steps to protect them during heat waves. Your body shop in Peoria, AZ can help with a few tips.

In the winter, you might use moisturizer to keep your hands or face healthy. Did you know your RV needs moisture too? However, it’s the hot summer weather that makes moisture crucial. Keep in mind that if the temperatures reach 100-plus degrees, it is 20 or 30 degrees hotter inside! RVs, fifth wheels, trailers and campers aren’t made to sustain such heat.

During extreme temperatures, place five-gallon buckets of water inside your unit. This will add moisture so items that use adhesive won’t fail. Many trim pieces in your unit are double-taped or glued in place, and the heat can cause the adhesive to dry up, causing issues.

Extreme heat can also cause cabinets and drawers to swell, so adding moisture can help fight these frustrations. Keep water buckets full and crack the windows to create airflow. The water will evaporate quickly, so check and refill the buckets regularly.

The best thing that RV owners can do to save their units is to keep them under cover. The Arizona sun doesn’t hold back. It’s brutal on all units exposed to its rays. Units will oxidize, and the clear coat can start to delaminate after too much sun exposure. In fact, your local body shop in Peoria, AZ has seen coaches just two years old with clear coat delamination on their roof surface areas. Rubber roofs wear even faster with too much sun exposure.

To avoid this deterioration, use covered storage for your vehicle. This can be scarce in the Arizona area, but it is worth finding to protect your unit. If the vehicle must be exposed, and the exposure is uneven, try to rotate the unit regularly so sunlight is distributed more evenly.

RV covers aren’t necessarily a good solution, as they can hurt more than help. The main concern is that the cover turns the interior into an oven. Adding a cover can add 50 degrees to the interior temperature, which can cause a lot of issues. The second concern is that the cover can scratch the exterior. The ideal solution is a covered storage area. If you need to use a cover, be sure to crack windows and place buckets of water inside.

The dry Arizona heat can cause roof sealant to dry out and crack. These cracks can allow water to enter the unit. The moisture can then become trapped and rot the interior wood, corrode the metal infrastructure and delaminate sidewalls. Dry rot can turn into mold, creating unsafe living conditions. To protect yourself and your unit, check the roof sealant at the end of each summer season. If you notice any issues, take the vehicle in for auto body repair in Peoria, AZ.

Want more tips from your trusted provider of RV services and collision repair in Peoria, AZ? Contact the team at Ultimate Collision & RV. As your go-to experts, we can answer any questions you have and provide superior service to keep your vehicle in top shape this summer.

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